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Welcome to METRA - a family orientated

Team Roping Association 

We cover the mid-eastern states of Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.  Since 1986, we have been providing numerous team ropings with a large membership base. Each December, we have a Team Roping Finals.

With a family friendly atmosphere, low entry fees and plenty of ropings across the METRA regions, you don't have to be rich or spend time away from your family to compete in a sport you enjoy.

During the METRA board meeting on March 23rd, 2015 it was decided that the association will not be having ropings this year. We do hope that we will have contractors interested in putting ropings on next year.

During this meeting it was also decided that the board members we currently have will remain the same when we resume.

Members who have already purchased their 2015 METRA membership will be receiving a refund check for $40 in the mail.

Also, beginning July 1st, 2015 we will no longer have a website. We will rely strictly on our Facebook page for communication. Make sure you’re following us to stay updated!

Please do not hesitate to contact your METRA Board Members with any questions.

Lacie Boothe- METRA Secretary


Team Ropings in NC and VA

Metra Champions 2014
1st #12 Slide- Headstall
     Header:  JW Baucom
     Heeler:   Jaret Nobles

1st #10 Slide- Headstall
     Header:  Coltin Nobles
     Heeler:   Jaret Nobles

1st #8- Headstall
     Header:  Huck Hicks
     Heeler:   Buddy Holland

1st #3 Finals- Buckles
     Header:  Luis Salazar
     Heeler:   David Rummage
Year End Champions
#3 & Below Division Headers
Buckle 3rd:  David Rummage
     Buckle 2nd:  Jaxson Tucker
     Rope Bag 1st: Justin DeHaven

#3 & Below Division Heelers
Buckle 3rd: Ty Lewis
     Buckle 2nd: Justin DeHaven
     Rope Bag 1st: Gary Salyer

#4 Division Headers
Buckle 3rd Sarah Angelone
     Buckle 2nd Bob Pledge
     Rope Bag 1st Huck Hicks

#4 Division Heeler
Buckle 3rd Mitch Taylor
     Buckle 2nd Sarah Angelone
     Rope Bag 1st Randy Vorous

#5 Dvision Header
Buckle 3rd Bill Moss
     Buckle 2nd Trey Lloyd
     Rope Bag 1st Brent Carlton

#5 Dvision Heeler
Buckle 3rd Junie Williams
     Buckle 2nd JR Shockley
     Rope Bag 1st Clay Futrell

#6 & Above Division Header
Buckle 3rd Ross Clatterbuck
     Buckle 2nd Derek Hicks
     Rope Bag 1st JW Baucom

#6 & Above Division Heeler
Buckle 3rd Jaret Nobles
     Buckle 2nd Cory Honeycutt
     Rope Bag 1st Derek Hicks

Producer of the Year:
Maple Hill Arena, Justin & Allison DeHaven

Sportsman Award
JT Williams

Youth Award:
Jaxson Tucker

Dummy Roping Winners:
12-9: Arliss Nobles
8-6: Zane Overman
5 & Under: Addison Overman

Congratulations to all of our Winners!


We would like to thank the local Statesville Farm Credit for their sponsorship of the

2014 METRA Finals!

Farm Credit Farm loans

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